Toast Martinborough Festival Maps

map-icons-entry Entry tent
map-icons-bank Toast Martinborough Festival Bank. Banks are also located at all Festival vineyard sites
map-icons-circuit-bus Bus stop, festival circuit, one-way
map-icons-bus Bus terminals
map-icons-toilets Public Toilets
map-icons-info Information Tent
map-icons-firstaid First aid
map-icons-trainbus Bus departure for trains Featherston Station
map-icons-merch Merchandise sales
map-icons-food Food and non-alcoholic drinks available
map-icons-coffee Streamline Espresso
map-icons-seating Seating
map-icons-music The Wellington City Shake-‘Em-On-Downers – 9.30 – 11.00am, The Beat Girls – 4.15 – 6.15pm
map-icons-closed Roads closed to traffic 7am – 7pm


Your wristband gives you free access to all shuttle buses. The first shuttle leaves from The Square at 9.45am. Shuttles operate continuously one way all day on the Festival circuit. Shuttles stop at all Festival sites and in The Square.


map-icons-route Festival circuit – one-way
map-icons-bus Bus stop
map-icons-parking Charter bus and public parking
map-icons-wc-toilet Wheelchair accessible toilet
Banks are located in the Square and at all Festival vineyard sites

Road Closures

Roads in the Square closed to traffic 7am – 7pm
Festival circuit road closed to traffic 10am – 5pm